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Welcome to Elite House Call M.D.
Whether you have injured your back and are in pain, have cut yourself, or have a cold or other infection, we provide care to your home, office, or hotel that is immediate, effective, compassionate and private.

Elite Housecall MD doctors perform physician housecalls in most major metropolitan areas of the United States. Our physicians are equipped with the latest medical instruments and supplies. In addition to physician testing and treatment, we offer different types of laboratory tests as well as ultrasound and x-rays. Our doctors span a spectrum from pediatricians to plastic surgeons, and are prominent physicians in their respective fields.

Why wait in a crowded emergency room, urgent care facility, or doctor's office when you can have a skilled physician come to you in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office for a fee substantially less than a typical ER visit? We treat most illnesses and perform most tests that would be offered in a traditional physician office, and more. From routine physicals and check-ups to more pressing medical matters, we are at your service.

From the common cold, to traumatic injuries, to routine medical care, we do it all.

To find a doctor in your area call 877-999-4585 or click here for our quick online application.
bullet Physical Exams and Blood Tests.
bullet Sports Injuries and Physicals.
bullet X-Rays and Ultrasounds
bullet Allergies and Immunizations.
bullet Minor Surgeries and Physical Therapy
bullet Medications and Injections.  
Whatever your non-emergency healthcare needs are feel free to contact us first.  We know your time is valuable so let us give you back that time with the convenience of having our dedicated staff members manage your physical health needs.  We try to get a physician to your door step within an hour of your call equipped and ready to diagnose and treat many medical issues that you would normally go to a hospital for.
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