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Elite House Call M.D. Careers and Franchise Opportunities.

Cut Overhead Costs and Be Your Own Boss - Live A New Lifestyle

For most medical professionals, the dream of becoming a doctor has been discouraged by the reality of managed health care restrictions, insurance claim hassles, crushing schedules, and less income at the end of the day thanks to the overhead of maintaining an office, insurance policies, and more. Instead of providing patient centered care, professionals find themselves more and more restricted by pre-determined treatments and forced to battle some major bureaucracy to get paid what was already earned for services already rendered.  Elite House Call M.D. Profesional Ltd Liability Co. gives medical professionals the freedom to practice medicine on their own terms.  We assist our professionals from setting up a one man practice, where we act as your support staff for backend operations and marketing, to assisting our franchisees establish a full office with backend support, forms, and marketing materials.

The Benefits of working with Elite House Call MD include:

  • Improved lifestyle
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Freedom from insurance company claim hassles
  • Zero Capitation
  • Fee for Service Medicine
  • Interesting and Appreciative Patients
  • Better earnings
  • Reduced stress
  • Eliminate the overhead of a traditional practice
  • Financial Freedom

Your Income Potential As An Elite House Call MD Professional

Our business model offers a number of attractive advantages for professionals that are either looking to start their own practice, enjoy being their own boss, or merely to supplement their current medical business profits.  The demand for our house cal type services has grown over the last few years and is anticipated to reach new levels over the next few years.

What You Need To Become An Elite House Call MD Professional

* Complete a Career/Franchise Application Sheet
* Interview with an Elite House Call MD Director or Manager
* Sign a confidentiality agreement
* Pass the criminal background check
* Pass the credit check
* License verification
* Acceptance of signed contract

To start on your road to becoming a successful Elite House Call MD Professional call us at 877-999-4585 or e-mail us at info@EliteHouseCallMD.com.

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