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About Elite House Call M.D.
Committed to patient convenience we strive to handle all non-emergency medical needs including simple sicknesses, medium type surgeries, and even cosmetic Botox or laser-lipo type procedures in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel.  We know that getting to a doctor's office or hospital in today's busy economy is not always the most economical or practical thing to do and that's why we provide House Call type medical services in an Elite way no matter what your budget.

Unlike most hospital care facilities where treatments are generally predetermined in order to maximize their bottom line, we strive to diagnose, treat, and educate you on the real health issues that we see.  Without the large overhead costs lingering over Elite House Call MD we are able to pass on our medical services for less than what you would be charged for using a hospital room.  We know that you don't want to go to the hospital unless you have to.  Now you can do exactly that, with Elite quality medical care at your door step you control whether or not you go to a hospital - based on your own medical convenience and needs.

Why take time off of work, rush to miss doctor visits by the time you get off work, and worry about who to call in the middle of the night when the answer is easy.  The Elite House Call MD staff can be reached at 877-999-4585 24 hours a day, weekends, and holidays.  More time in your hands means more time to spend with your family or doing your work.  Whatever your convenience needs are we help make your life easier and healthier.
bullet Physical Exams and Blood Tests.
bullet Sports Injuries and Physicals.
bullet X-Rays and Ultrasounds
bullet Allergies and Immunizations.
bullet Minor Surgeries and Physical Therapy
bullet Medications and Injections.  
Whatever your non-emergency healthcare needs are feel free to contact us first.  We know your time is valuable so let us give you back that time with the convenience of having our dedicated staff members manage your physical health needs.  We try to get a physician to your door step within an hour of your call equipped and ready to diagnose and treat many medical issues that you would normally go to a hospital for.
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